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Vila Veselova is located in the city center, next to the main cultural center of Ljubljana, in a diplomatic area of the city.

Vila Veselova Hostel  is a traditional villa in the center of Ljubljana, designed over 100 year ago by the architect Ciril Metod Koch. Villa represents the soul of Ljubljana - modern but traditionally charming.

All the main sights (Prešeren square, Dragon Bridge, Three bridges) and other important buildings are within the radius of 1 km around the Vila Veselova. From our Vila Veselova you can take a walk to our main park Tivoli (5 min) or go to the beautiful Ljubljana Castle (20 min), you can visit our Ljubljana national museum (3 min) or the Modern Gallery... If you are not up for the sightseeing you can enjoy Ljubljana's vivid nightlife on the main street (Slovenska ulica, 5 min) or gather around Ljubljanica river in downtown (10 min). We are located cca. 20 min from the main Ljubljana train station.

Why is hostel Vila Veselova the best accommodation in Ljubljana?

You will be staying in a safe, diplomatic area of the city. We offer you a free breakfast, tea, coffee and juice, free Wi-Fi and many more facilities that will make your staying in Ljubljana pleasant. All of our rooms have big, comfortable beds and lockers, where you can keep your personal belongings safe. You can always relax in our common room and when the weather is nice you can enjoy it in our beautiful garden/terrace area.


Orange room

Orange room is a 6-bed dorm with singles beds in the attic, 3rd floor.

Violet room

Violet room is a double bed - private - rooom with its own bathroom. You can book it as a single room as well.

Lime room

A 6-bed dorm: 2 single beds and 2 bunks. During  the high season Lime room is a 6-bed dorm, during low season we rent it as a private double room or private room for 2 – 6 guests. Bathroom is down the hall.

Turquise room

During the high season Turquise room is a 4-bed dorm with two single beds and a bunk, during the low season we rent it as a private double room or private room for 2 – 4 guests. Bathroom is down the hall.


You can book your room on our website.


You can see the price list on our website.


We organize trips around Slovenia! Adriatic coastline, Lake Bled and Bled Castle, Bohinj, Postojna caves, Škocjan caves, Maribor and many more.

View one of the biggest ski jumps in the world

Lake Bled is one of the most popular tourist destination in Slovenia, if you choose this trip you will visit Lake Bled, Bohinj, Planica and many more!

The largest system of caves in Europe

In Slovenia we have two "must see" caves to visit: the famus Postojna cave and Skocjan caves.

View of Logar valley and a visit to Celje

Get inspired by the beautiful Logar valley and have a cup of coffe in the only true Slovenian Counts city, Celje.

Adriatic coastline

Beside Alps we have 47 km of Adriatic see as well. Check this trip to Slovenia's seaside.


Vila Veselova is proud to be a part of the organization BBH-Balkans Best Hostels, which promotes tourism in the Balkan region. Basic goal is to promote good, quality hostels in the region and to promote the region itself. BBH offer travelers a unique and unforgettable experience while traveling through the Balkans.

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